Making life our movie at the

Peaceness Pioneers


on 16.12. in Graz

Mutual humanity, Encounterments, Peace, Music & Chocolate

What makes our lives sweeter, what makes people peaceful, how togetherness can make our dreams come true
the things that move us and get us moving.

all these will be celebrated and encouraged on 16.12. by regional and international pioneers of peace in a movement jam about becoming and remaining human

Movement & Peace – Music & Chocolate

on 16. December at the House of Ki, Breunergasse 27 , 8010 Graz

To change yourself is to change the world. If we shape our community according to our biological needs, if we dare to risk sharing the good things in life, if we truly live together, then we can change the world.
You want to find out if this is possible?
You want to contribute something yourself?
Then bring your favourite kind of chocolate and document your hero’s journey to Graz!

Heroes’ Journeys

Dragons? Feed them!

If you want to take part in the Love Live Learn movie, then come in peace and bring some chocolate!
Use a bar of your favourite chocolate to turn strangers into friends and experience the peace that comes from sharing!
You use your smartphone to share how you live change? Tell your stories and what brings you to the event!


Experts in movement from the fields of dance, acting, Evolutionary Movement, Ta Ke Ti Na, Yoga, Kung Fu, Aikido, jam with live musicians and event participants.  Everyone is a teacher. We teach how to live in the moment. At the Movement Jam, learning means playing, experimenting and embodying peace together. Our cameras are the eyes and ears through which the world can learn to Love, Live, Learn with us.


When we learn to share creatively the things which are important to us, we help others to live their own change! Together we will use our smartphones to shoot films within the film of the event! The best will feature in the documentary #LoveLiveLearn, to be released in time for Christmas.


Peace is everybody’s business! After the  Co-Learning Event, there will be an open space for entrepreneurs to share their ideas and stories. World-changers from business and ordinary life will meet and network with each other. The kind of people you would love to meet, so if you’re one of them, then you’re on the guest list!
All our stories, ideas and pictures will be gathered together in our digital village, the Facebook group “Lieben Leben Lernen”, where together we can develop them further.
Heroes with smartphones and chocolate!
Find peace and share peace on 16. December at Haus of Ki:
If you can’t wait that long, you can find more information at and discover networking opportunities at Liebe Leben Lernen.

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Change life – live change,